United States Steel Corporation is dedicated to the automotive industry and is continuously researching and developing new grades and processes. Each automobile component is designed to unique conditions and criteria such as durability, crash energy management, appearance, formability, and cost. Steel has the best combination of engineering capability versus material cost. Steel is formable, weldable, strong and has state-of-the-art coating that will help resist corrosion. In addition, it is cost effective and has good surface appearance.

The U. S. Steel Automotive Center gives us the ability to perform  using state-of-the-art equipment enabling automotive engineers to evaluate any potential application whether it be questions on weight reduction, cost savings, formability, crash energy management or material availability.



Caresoft Global Limited is a leading engineering services provider to global OEM’s and Tier 1 Suppliers in the Automotive, Aerospace, Agricultural & Construction industries.

Headquartered in Illinois, USA Caresoft has delivery presence spread across the North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia. Based in the UK, Caresoft Global Recruitment is a newly formed entity of Caresoft Global.

The Engineering Services Division of Caresoft offers a wide range of domain driven solutions across Mechanical engineering, Electrical Engineering and Industrial manufacturing, while the Recruitment division specialises in providing Permanent and Contract technical staff across the UK and Europe.


As one of the leading providers of testing, inspection and certification services to many of the world’s leading organizations, Element has a clear understanding of its purpose.

Our team of over 6,700 Engaged Experts operate from over 188 locations in more than 30 countries on 5 continents, and deliver an extensive range of materials testing, product qualification testing, inspection, certification and advisory services to the global Aerospace, Fire & Building Products, Infrastructure & Environmental, Transportation and Oil & Gas sectors.


IHS Markit is the leading source of information and insight in critical areas that shape today’s business landscape. Customers around the world rely on us to address strategic and operational challenges.

We bring together the deepest intelligence across the widest set of capital-intensive industries and markets. By connecting data across variables, our analysts and industry specialists present our customers with a richer, highly integrated view of their world.

That is the benefit of The New Intelligence. We’re able to isolate cause and effect, risk and opportunity in new ways that empower our customers to make well-informed decisions with greater confidence.

IHS Markit is a dynamic team that includes more than 5,000 analysts, data scientists, financial experts and industry specialists. Our global information expertise spans numerous industries, including leading positions in finance, energy and transportation.


RIFAST® provides integrated functional elements for sheet metal components. RIFAST® elements are clinched in place. Through the utilization of our in-die or offline automated installation technology, we provide cost-eff ective assemblies when compared with welded joints.

Our Rifast Systems provides joints that yield superior resistance to torsional and pushout forces – all advantages our customers can use to reduce cost and improve quality in their stamping plants and automated assembly lines all over the world. This is because our customers benefit from a broad range of high-quality functional elements and automated installation technology – with reliable, guaranteed product features that span the entire service life.


We are seating. ATF develops and manufactures a broad range of seating components and assemblies used in a variety of automotive seating applications.

Our products include shoulder bolts, bolt and crush washer assemblies, couplers, lead screw brackets, spline gear shafts, seat actuation spindles and more.

Our joint venture partner, Rifast®, is an expert in clinch fasteners and installation tooling and equipment. Rifast® products can be found in seat rails, seat tracks and side panels.

For all of your engineered fasteners, formed and stamped components, assemblies and clinch fasteners, rely on ATF and Rifast®.

TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK offers innovative products and services for the sheet metal joining industry including press drives, presses and special machinery. Take advantage of our engineering expertise, a wide range of standard products and the best solution for your application.

TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK was founded in 1978 by Eugen Rapp. As a global supplier of hydraulic presses and components for the sheet metal joining industry, this family-owned business now has over 1,400 employees worldwide.

We started by introducing powerful drives for production machinery including the TOX®-Powerpackage. We also offer the TOX®-ElectricDrive program, which is an alternative high-tech solution. Our machinery offers endless possibilities for product development within the sheet metal joining industry. For over 40 years,  we have supplied the industry with drives, presses and other tools for clinching, punching, inserting and riveting. The automotive industry also relies heavily on our products.

Our headquarters, main production facility and technology center are located in Weingarten, Germany. Our facilities are also located in the USA, China, India and Brazil.