8:00AM Chairs Opening Remarks |  Fabric And Trim Lives For The Complexity

. Where individualisation comes in, operations must be flawlessly executing different variations and that is where new technologies are going to come in.


8:10AM A Holistic View On How Trim And Design Integrate With Foam



8:30AM Human-Centric Thermal Comfort 

. Enhance seat comfort and combine the right components that excel in quality and craftsmanship

. Developing integrated thermal technology for seats

. Deliver customization and flexibility to integrate with luxury or low-cost models

. Climate Control Seat (CCS®)

. Smart sensors and air moving devices

. Synchronizing all components and creating a flexible environment for customers, ComfortBalance™


8:50AM Innovative Foam Solutions | Achieving The Right Blend of Comfort, Safety And Sustainability

. Reducing thickness without degrading quality and comfort

. Opportunities for new thinner materials that offer longer life, quality and comfort

. What are the break-through innovations in foam: cost, profiles and adoptability?

. Environmental performance, holistic solutions/alternatives and eliminating harmful emissions foam

Production; Recyclability

. Heat dispersion, ventilation and moldability


9:30AM Using Manufacturing Software, Predictive Simulation, Testing & Prototyping To Reduce Auto Seating Costs

. How can simulation be used to maximise product efficiency

. Adopting predictive simulation on seat development before prototyping

. Using new technology and data analytics during prototyping and testing


10:00AM Simulation and Structural Analysis

. Faster development of seats as we rely more on simulation and structural analysis

. Mass customisation of vehicle interiors is an ongoing consumer trend that is becoming increasingly reliant on virtual reality simulation

. The link between the customer and the factory is getting shorter and shorter as soon as the ecosystem becomes digitised and highly automated, you will see more value-added services.


10:30AM Morning Refreshments


11:00AM Trim and Fabrics

. Quality and Durability

. Trim Covers Aren’t Lasting: Exploring material solutions for cost vs quality and durability vs weight Thickness Pluss pads, thickness of inserts.

.How to increase durability and comfort without increasing cost : VO’s & cost saving

. How to better work towards preventing mid project VO’s.

. Durability and refurbishment.

. Removable trim covers – a feature that could become more common “share car ideas more viable for customers”

.Cover Carving Technology: Developed by Faurecia seeks to free designers from the traditional limitations of seat foam and trim, enabling them to create unconventional or customized surfaces and smooth transitions. It can create a surface design that catches less dirt and debris creating seat systems that are easier to clean, maintain and potentially even replace, so that we can support these much higher-duty use cases.


11:30AM Smart Seating

. The role of health and wellness systems in automotive seating

. What are the key drivers and disruptive technologies in ‘Smart Seating Systems’

. Benchmarks for wellness parameters in the biometric seating system

. Developments of predictive technology for seat emotion: passenger comfort through activities and postures.

. Seat comfort improvements through big data analytics


12:00AM Autonomous Vehicles Set To Reshape Automotive Seating

. Reviewing seat development concepts for autonomous vehicles.

. Addressing the challenges of different and changing seating positions: rotating and reclining seats.

. Safety as top priority: When and how occupants might take/relinquish control of the vehicle, be permitted or

prevented from changing position.

. New challenges for seat track systems for moving seats

. “Dynamic Safety Repositioning” and “adaptive safety” as the solution?

. Interplays between seat systems and the rest of the cockpit to accommodate those kinds of reconfigurations.

. Meeting critical safety compliances and regulations

. New options for two or three rows: dumping, folding and removing or adding seat mechanisms

. Virtualisation and simulation: Best solutions in design, manufacturing and testing


12:30PM Addressing The Growing Need for Seat Personalisation With The Help Of Artificial Intelligence

. Discover how the cockpit of the future’s smart seat will be able to analyse physiological data and then apply countermeasures to mitigate motion sickness, stress, discomfort, drowsiness, and readiness to operate controls.

. Understand how the data gathered on the driver’s condition is translated into a variety of personalised actions that include adjusting the seat position, a five-program massage capability, seat ventilation, changes in ambient lighting or the audio environment.

.Future possibilities of cockpit: how to enable technology to learn the occupant’s preferences & provide a more comfortable and enjoyable on board experience

.Discussing economies of scale: how to enable competitive prices for mass production role out


1:00PM Luncheon & Networking Session 


2:00PM Tech: Innovation At Lower Cost: How To Industrialise The Tech Craze That Is Taking Place Whilst Meeting Requirements to Bring The Cost Down

. Identifying the immediate ‘next evolution’ of projects to improve the current state of seat functionality?

. How do you pack a seat full of technology without making it heavier?

. Integrating new technologies and electronics with-out impacting cost and comfort

. How to increase technology comfort + durability whilst maintaining price point and weight.

. Innovation at Lower Cost

. The challenge of reducing cost


2:30PM Advanced Joining Technologies for Next-Generation Seating


3:00PM Press Assembly Technologies

• Press-in and pierce in elements for connection of parts

• Clinching/sheet metal joining for assembly of metallic parts

• Self-pierce riveting

• Forming and piercing




4:00PM Industry 4.0 – the path to a more robotised environment more synonymous within automotive manufacturing

. Big data analysis and feeding it back into design, engineering and production

. Collect end consumer data and flow it back to one piece of equipment or equipment in combination with a

given material

. Automation of operations and the predictability of operations

. Reducing scrap rates, tied to a certain link of equipment, material, supplier, time period

. While the fundamentals of comfort requirements and ergonomics haven’t changed, how do you translate that into an engineered product that can be capably manufactured in an Industry 4.0 environment?

. How manufacturing technology can enable design that was previously not achievable!

. How to achieve greater flexibility to react quickly to new developments and changing requirements


4:30PM High Performance Seat Ventilation: Cost vs Development

.  Designing for compact requirements


5:00 PM Over Coming Challenges In Second And third Row Seats: To Enable Modern Lifestyles And The Future Vehicle Layout Capabilities – What Are The Technology Enablers


5:20PM Chairs Closing Remarks