7:45AM Chairs Opening Remarks

Two Sides Of A Great Divide – Complexity Reduction Whilst Achieving Intelligent Individualism

Scott Ziolek, Principal Engineer Seating New Technology

Hyundai-Kia America Technical Centre & Chair of SAE Human Accommodation & Design

. Identifying the complexities that the customer really values: best fabrics, skilled embossing, high-end styling and a designer touch and feel?


8:00AM Key Trends & Market Dynamics

Colin Giles, Technical Research Analyst, IHS Market

. Identifying the growing developments in the field of advanced seating technology such as heat, cooling, ventilated, memory, massage and advanced functions

. What is the ‘cockpit of the future’: Just a need for personalisation and artificial intelligence?

. Smart Human Machine Interfaces

. Rising global production and growing SUV demand and their specific requirements on the seating system

. Growing sales of premium passenger vehicles driving advanced & modular seating systems

. Setting the scene for autonomous vehicles and ride sharing, change in customer expectations

. What are the rising developments in advanced seating technologies for the immediate next generation vehicles


8:20AM The Drive To Cut Weight: How To Achieve The Best Material Optimisation and Value Optimisation: Combining Optimization and Modern Product Development Methods To Achieve A Lightweight Design.

Edwin Pope, Global Lightweighting Principal Analyst, IHS Market

. Reviewing new structure materials and manufacturing processes for lightweight seat structures

. Increasing usage of lightweight and composite materials such as magnesium, High Strength Steel (HSS),

and carbon fibre to reduce the over all weight of seating system.

. Opportunities for metal replacement with multi-material systems

. Reducing the number mechanisms – whilst increasing functionality

. How OEMs have taken advantage of material innovation: Case Study Reverse Engineering

. How further multi-material design can unlock limitations of conventional design.


9:00AM iStream Lightweight Automotive Seat – Gordon Murray Design

Gordon Murray Design (tbc)

. The iStream innovative unit boasts a significant 30% weight saving when compared to a conventional

modern seat

. The IS-001 seat licensed by Transcal, is the world’s first implementation of the iStream lightweight seat.

. Explorer further automotive and non-automotive designs and applications for the seat.

. The iStream lightweight automotive seat represents a seismic shift in this sector – its innovative

construction helps to deliver both economic and environmental benefits.”


9:20AM Re-thinking Seat Utility: Redesigning Auto Interiors To Meet A New Set of Customer Needs

Faurecia Automotive Seating

. Strategies for seating in a semi-and fully-autonomous future

. Strategies to provide flexibility in seating systems for autonomous car users

. Seating development concepts

. The challenges of difference, and changing seat positions: Rotating and reclining seats

. When and how occupants might take/relinquish control of the vehicle, be permitted to change position or be

compelled to return straight-ahead position.


9:40AM Safety Systems Design And Innovation: Dynamic Safety Repositioning or Adaptive Safety

Magna Seating

. Safety Systems Design And Innovation: Next-Generation Seatbelts And Airbag Configurations &


. How to manage seatbelts and airbags when you have multiple locations, where you may be pointed or

moved to


10:00AM Caresoft Global: Seat Benchmarking

Fyodor Hermann Jacob, Caresoft Global

. Full Seat System Digital Twin

. Plastics

. Structures and Frames

. Analysis of Structures


10:20AM Morning Networking Break  


10:40AM Composites: Replacing Metal

Dr. Fabio Bressan Ph.D, Virtual Engineering Manager, Solvay

. Replacing metal parts with plastic parts for weight advantage

. Performance seats are exemplifying the technology where composite back shells are glued to metal structural components

. Performance seats now incorporate ultra-stiff, ultra-light rim composite technology: Case Study


11:00AM Standardising vs Innovating Metal Structures And Mechanisms In Front Seat Systems

Anil Bhat, Director, Design, Front Seat Systems, Brose North America

. Assembling seats together in one of the many versions, just in time (JIT)

. Components manufacturing: Stamping, Laser Welding, Riveting, Bolting


11:20AM Joining Innovation For Seat Assembly

Joe Gobernatz, General Manager, ATF Inc

.Cold formed and machines components and assemblies used in complex, safety critical industrial, automotive and aerospace seating applications


11.40AM Will The Entire Seat Of The Future be Glued Together (Adhesive Bonding)



12:00PM Lightweight Rear Seat Shell In Composite Design

Pal Swaminathan, Technical Marketing & Business Development

TEPEX Automotive | Lanxess Corporation

. Continuous-fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite materials in large-scale production

  • . Weight saving of 45 percent compared with sheet steel
  • . Cost-effective component solution thanks to functional integration
  • . Potential for use in seat designs for autonomous driving


12:20PM Edison2: Future Seat Modular System

Oliver Kuttner, Founder & CEO, Edison2


12.40PM Lear Corporation 


1:10PM Networking Lunch – Hosted By Lear Corporation 


2:00PM Ultra High Strength Steel Innovation For Seat Design

Michael Davenport, Director Of Engineering, United States Steel

. Advanced 

. Taking a step back and looking at what’s going on in GHG regulations, how that effecting that material choice and trade of between cost and light weighting; tone of good information about what the steel industry is doing to bring down the CO2


. How that effect het design considerations


2:20PM Direct Welding Of Aluminium To Steel As A Cost-Effective Enabler For Multi-Material Vehicle Construction

Jerry E. Gould, Technology Fellow – Resistance & Solid State Welding at EWI


2:40PM The Future Of Magnesium In Lightweight Seating

International Magnesium Association

. Where are the opportunities for replacing conventional material choices with Magnesium

. Success stories

. Features and advantages of magnesium alloys

. Broad prospects for development of lightweight structure materials


3:00PM Testing, Inspection And Certification: Seating And Interiors Validation Opportunities

Don Lux, Division Director, Transport at Element Materials Technology

. Gaps in testing standards

. Closing the gap between simulation and testing


3:20PM Lightweight Foam Solutions For Next-Generation Seats

Pasquale Rossi, Foam Specialist – Comfort & Trim, Faurecia

. The future lightweighting opportunities for foam: The future of foam in Next-Gen automotive seating


3:50PM Industry 4.0 – The Path To A More Robotised Environment More Synonymous Within Automotive Manufacturing

Accenture & Detroit Industry X.0 Innovation Centre

. Big data analysis and feeding it back into design, engineering and production

Collect end consumer data and flow it back to one piece of equipment or equipment in combination with a

given material

. Automation of operations and the predictability of operations

. Reducing scrap rates, tied to a certain link of equipment, material, supplier, time period

. While the fundamentals of comfort requirements and ergonomics haven’t changed, how do you translate that into an engineered product that can be capably manufactured in an Industry 4.0 environment?

. How manufacturing technology can enable design that was previously not achievable!

. How to achieve greater flexibility to react quickly to new developments and changing requirements


4:10PM  Digitally Enabled Manufacturing ProcessesAssembly Methodology For Multi-Materials Including Implementation Of Industry 4.0 Protocol

Troy Waldherr, Vice President Sales for North America, TOX-Pressotechnik LLC


4:30PM Automotive Seat Simulation | esi Group 

. Virtual Prototyping of automotive seating

. Hibrid-Twin, Vertual Acoustics, Virtual Manufacturing


5:00PM COMAU Implementation of Industry 4.0 Protocal for Automotive Seat Manufacturing


5:20PM Afternoon Refreshments & Networking


5:40PM Lightening Up Through Topology Optimization

Richard Yen, Senior vice president, Strategic Solutions Team and Global Automotive Business, Altair

Anthony Norton, Vice president, Americas, Technical Operations, Altair

. Tools for structural design and optimization to help with topology optimization

. innovative design, materials, engineering, and manufacturing approaches

. how topology optimization works with additive manufacturing how topology optimization works with additive manufacturing


6:00AM Chairs Opening Remarks |  Fabric And Trim Lives For The Complexity

FCA Group

. Where individualisation comes in, operations must be flawlessly executing different variations and that is where new technologies are going to come in.


6:20AM How To Use Colour And Texture To Boost Vehicle Interior Appeal

. Balancing sensory factors such as colour, feel, and surface finish to grab consumer attention


6:40AM Human-Centric Thermal Comfort | GENTHERM

Jeff Arsenault, Product Line Manager ClimateSenseTM Thermal Systems, Gentherm


7:00PM Innovative Foam Solutions | Achieving The Right Blend of Comfort, Safety And Sustainability

. Reducing thickness without degrading quality and comfort

. Opportunities for new thinner materials that offer longer life, quality and comfort

. What are the break-through innovations in foam: cost, profiles and adoptability?

. Environmental performance, holistic solutions/alternatives and eliminating harmful emissions foam

Production; Recyclability

. Heat dispersion, ventilation and moldability


7:20-8:00 Closing Remarks – Drinks Reception